Leslie Acoca
Health and Justice for Girls
January 2012
 Girls Health Screen Implementation for the Bernalillo County
     Juvenile Detention Center Holding Girls, Departments of Mental Health, 
        Health Services and Probation
           Albuquerque, New Mexico

    Marginalized Girls: Creating Pathways to Opportunity Policy Series         
       Georgetown Law School, Center on Poverty,
          Inequality and Public Policy
             Washington D.C.

December 2011
   The Los Angeles County Girls Health Screen Advisory Board Meeting; 
       Departments of Health, Probation and the Judiciary. Held at the     
            California Endowment Foundation
               Los Angeles, California

October 2011

   Presenting the need for Girls Health Screen 
       Annual Conference of Southwest Foundations
           Lake Tahoe, California

   Presenting Highlights of the Validation Study for Girls Health Screen
        Annual Department of Justice/Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency                 Prevention Conference
            Baltimore, Maryland

September 2011
   Presenting Survey of Innovations in Research &  Girls Health Screen 
         Georgetown Law School
             Washington D.C.

August 2011
    BluePrint - Future of Girls - New Mexico Juvenile Justice System
           United States Department of Justice Conference
               Albuquerque, New Mexico

May 2011
    Evaluating the Adequacy of the Gender-Responsive Services      
      currently being provided within Diversion, Probation, Detention      
        and Long- Term Care Systems
           Fairfax Juvenile Justice System
               Fairfax, Virginia

April 2011

   The Girls Health Screen, Conference on Health Care Disparities
       with the United States Surgeon General
           Bryn Mawr College
              Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania