Leslie Acoca
Health and Justice for Girls
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What are the Next for The Girls Health Screen and Girls Health Passport in Los Angeles?

  • Implement the Girls Health Screen at intake for 50 girls in Los Angeles County Girls Camps.
  • Develop the first secure web platform and database for juvenile girls in detention so that the GHS will be web accessible to girls at intake into the system and contribute to a California and national database on the medical and behavioral health needs of girls in the juvenile justice system.
  • Pilot the web-based GHS in Los Angeles, California. This will involve the development of support and collaboration of key leaders who will participate on the GHS Los Angeles Advisory Committee and the completion of the web platform described above.
  • Initiate the First Electronic Girls Health Passport which will provide a seamless continuum of medical screening, assessment, treatment and follow-up linking community health providers and medical providers in institutions. Currently, there is little communication of medical needs between juvenile residential institutions and community health providers. Consequently, expensive medical procedures are often repeated unnecessarily (such as immunizations) and urgent medical and behavioral health problems such as injury resulting from sexual assault, head injuries, serious allergies and substance abuse are often missed. We expect that the Electronic Health Passport by providing a single standardized medical screening and record-keeping procedure will remedy this costly and dangerous gap.

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